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About LK

Lucrezia Kauffmann, her career as a leather goods designer started in 2017 in Milan. She created her own brand, which represents her passion, talent, and personality. She got inspiration mostly from a vibrant city, Milan where she had the opportunity to grow, spend her childhood and shape her taste. What you can see in her projects and products, she found a way to combine her past with modern, fashionable patterns.

Lucrezia's products represent the fluidity and variability of the world around but at the same time the ability to adapt to every moment and occasion.

Lucrezia provides the concept of union. Union is described and shown in the zip, the main symbol, and decoration of her products, and bags. The zip symbolizes a connection between the founder and the value of her brand.

Lucrezia cooperates and is strongly connected with Milan's minority society. She is aware and focused on melamine and a genderless environment. In her projects, she is trying to express needed and beliefs of those social groups.

Lucrezia Kauffmann, as a whole Kauffmann family has strong bonds with ancestors and her city, Milan.

She also collaborates with Damapel, another company that belonged to Kauffmann family. Damapel selects the leather from the best Italian tanners, guaranteeing a finished product in line with the standards for respecting the environment and a completely "Made in Italy" supply chain.

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