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About LK

Lucrezia Kauffmann was born in Milan in 1991, she is a designer with Italian-German origins. She is a creator and founder of the brand that bears her name. She has a long family history behind it with its roots in the historic leather tanneries. 

Her academic career in fashion began at the “Istituto Secoli” in Milan, where she learned the basics of clothing and accessories modeling, and ended with an internship at Maison Costume National. Subsequently she spent six months in Florence collaborating with the company Onward Luxury Group Spa. After these experiences, Lucrezia chose London as a destination for the development of her creativity, attending a master in Fashion Design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

In 2014 she returned to Milan and began to create her first prototypes; here she also attended a Fashion Design course to improve her skills more and more. In 2016 she started to be interested in bags. She was inspired the most by the Memphis Design, which led her to create her first collection: the Candy Memphis.

The Lucrezia Kauffmann brand was born in 2017, as an expression and development of the family reality in which Lucrezia grew up. Daniele Kauffmann, Lucrezia's father, is the owner of Damapel, a company that deals with marketing leather processed exclusively in Italy, with innovative techniques that are attentive to ecology and sustainability, collaborating with certified companies. Thanks to the know-how of the Kauffmann family in the leather sector, Lucrezia decides to create a brand with a strong identity in which she can express her creativity, which has always been closely linked to Made in Italy art and craftsmanship. The surreal imagery is the recurring feature in all of her first collections, a door to the dreamlike universe of Lucrezia Kauffmann. But it is during the lockdown that Lucrezia decides to revolutionize the brand: in September 2021 a total rebranding begins, with the desire to communicate a renewed style to a wider audience, through the launch of new products: comfortable, functional, versatile, minimal bags, with a nostalgic and vintage flavor.